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Photographer FAQs

  1. Submit your photographer profile for review.
  2. Once approved, you’re immediately in our system and listed as a Bronze member! If you’d like to upgrade to a paid membership to get more interaction with prospective clients, you can.
  3. Tell your existing and prospective clients about The Shutter Fund.
  4. Approve or deny Photography Requests that clients submit to you (You can require a retainer and signed contract before you fully approve a request.)
  5. Get paid! – Once a client’s registry is over, you will receive a check or direct deposit for the amount raised, minus the 4.5% fee.
  6. Go take the photos (or offer the photography products that you sell). 

The Shutter Fund is committed to supporting part-time or full-time Professional Photographers running LEGAL Photography businesses and charging amounts that could support a LIVABLE wage. Our goal is to help lift up the photography industry by encouraging photographers to charge what they’re worth and allowing clients to afford those photographers. 

We also want to see that you’ve got a significant online presence, preferably through a website. If you don’t have a website but your business has a strong following on Facebook and/or Instagram, that will also be a considered. 

If you’re a photographer and don’t meet these standards yet, we would love for you to get to that point and come back to us when you do!!

Clients can start a registry with you a couple ways. Here is the quickest way:
1. Direct your client to the Photographer Directory at https://thephotofund.com/photographers/
2. They can search for your business by state or business name.
3. Under your listing is a button that says “Start Registry with this photographer”
4. Once they’ve clicked that button, they’ll be directed to created a username and password. After that, they’ll immediately be able to fill out the remainder of their registry details!
5. You will get a notification email that a client has requested you for their registry. Approve the registry, and the client is ready to go! 

Absolutely! The Shutter Fund is here to allow clients to afford any sort of service or subsequent product from their photographer. So if your client simply wants to be able to purchase extra artwork from their session, send them to The Shutter Fund to start a registry!

Joining The Shutter Fund is free! When your client creates a registry, The Shutter Fund will only keep 1.5% of the total money collected in each Registry. 3% will go to Credit Card processing, and the remainder goes directly to you! So, for example, if one of your client’s raises $1,000 on their registry, they will get a $1,000 Gift Certificate and you will receive $955.

Membership options range from $0 – $50/month.

The Shutter Fund has 3 different Membership Options. You’ll immediately become a Bronze member when your profile is approved, and you’ll then have the option to upgrade.  

  •  Bronze Membership: (No monthly fees) This is recommended for the photographer who plans to use The Photo Fund only to refer their own clients but isn’t as concerned about gaining new clients from the site. It includes a basic listing on our directory with your business name, location, specialties, and price range.
  • Silver Membership: ($25/month) With this option, you’ll have an upgraded directory listing which also includes a link to your website and 2 featured photos. As a Silver member, you’ll also have access to enter our monthly photo contests, with the winners getting featured on Social Media.
  • Gold Membership: ($50/month) This is the highest membership and includes a premier directory listing that includes extra featured photos and a link to your own Photographer Profile where you can add more information about your business. A link to your profile will be added to every one of your client’s registries. Lastly, as a Gold member, you’ll have access to both the monthly Social Media contests, but also monthly contests to have your work featured on the website.  

As a Photographer with The Shutter Fund, you’ll have the following benefits:

  1. Keep clients you would have otherwise lost due to price restrictions
  2. Upsell your products & services to clients
  3. We do all the work! If you’ve ever tried to create a registry for one of your clients by yourself, you know the time and attention that takes. Now you can provide a valuable service to your clients without the work!
  4. It’s really only 1.5%. If the client was paying you directly, you’d probably be losing 3% of that to credit card fees anyways.

GOOD!! We hope EVERY Photo Fund Photographer operates this way! You can handle the Contracts/Retainers one of two ways:

  1. If the clients comes to you first, you can collect that information and then send them to The Shutter Fund to raise the remainder.
  2. If the client contacts you through The Shutter Fund, you can reach out to them directly to collect everything you need before you approve their registry.

All clients of The Shutter Fund have to agree that their Registry money will not be refunded if they don’t reach their goal. The Shutter Fund is here to HELP them raise the money, not to guarantee it. So if their goal is $1,000, and they raise $750, then they understand that the photographer will still be receiving that money and will be contacting them to collect the remaining balance, if needed.

All Clients are told to end their registries at least 2 weeks before the expected photography date, unless you agree that it can last longer. Once a registry ends, The Shutter Fund will initiate payment within 2 business days as either a printed check or electronic deposit (your choice). You must allow the appropriate amount of time for those funds to reach your account. 

Yes! As a Silver or Gold Member, you’ll have the option to choose up to TWO additional states that you regularly shoot in, and you’ll show up in the Photographer Directory for those states as well!

If you are a Silver or Gold member, you can request printed handouts from us that you can share with your clients. You can also put a link directly to The Shutter Fund Home Page or your Shutter Fund Profile page (for Gold Members) on your website’s Pricing page. Feel free to tag us in Social Media posts as well!

Yes!! Let’s say Joe & Julie have signed a contract with you to be their wedding photographer next year. Julie’s mother wants to surprise Joe & Julie by creating a registry to cover the remaining balance for their photography. Julie can create a registry, link it to your photographer account, and collect the money! The money collected will still go to you, and Julie’s mother can give them the Gift Certificate as a surprise. 

With a Photo Gift Registry, get the photographer you love at the budget you have. 


Are you a photographer wanting to offer this service to your clients?

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