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Loren Craven 17, North Valleys High School Class of 2021

My son Loren is graduating this year with a standard diploma and we are so very proud of him!!

Loren has had the most difficult road to follow to get to where he is. He has worked HARD!! He has become well known for his sweet demeanor, kindness, being well-mannered, having a fun loving attitude and for being an outgoing dancing machine! A “Gentle Giant” at 6’1″.

Loren’s difficulties started the first day of his life. He came into the world with a broken collar bone which caused a lifelong injury called Erb’s Palsy. This is something he doesn’t let slow him down, he gives it 100% anytime he needs upper body strength, and will fight through it. At birth he also had brain trauma that later we would learn is the possible reason for his Autism Spectrum Disorder. At about 2 years old he started displaying many developmental delays and by age 4 he was started into Early Education interventions. He has had an IEP with the Washoe County School District since. He has had many challenges over the years with learning, and many times they were devastating days he had to overcome with it.

At age 7, Loren became very sick, and after a few days in ICU he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As if having Autism, Erb’s Palsy, vision impairment and podiatry visits for an inward gait were not enough, this was a huge blow!! It was the worst of the worst of days. His life, and ours as a family were forever changed. In the last 10 years we have had a lot of sick days probably adding up to a few months worth of missed instruction in the classroom. Managing a disease like this is complex, and when you add being a teenager into the mix and the ASD it’s very difficult. Given that Loren has missed so much school he has always managed to get caught up and sometimes had to take the lower grade and GPA. This is why the fact he is getting a standard diploma is a BIG DEAL!! Usually kids with an IEP are often given an adjusted diploma.

Loren has always had strong support from the people who love him. His grandmother, aunt, and step-father, and close family friends have helped as they say “It takes a village”. Loren’s biological father was not around and later passed away, I couldn’t have helped him get this far alone!

Loren since he could crawl has been obsessed with cars and hot wheels. At 17 years old he has hundreds of them and will still play on the floor with them. It’s rather cute, he draws out parking lots and road diagrams to drive them on. When we are out on the road he will point out unique cars and can pinpoint make, model and a close year, meanwhile you’re there going, “What car?”. He loves old and new muscle cars and some of the world’s most expensive exotics!

Hot August Nights here in Reno, might possibly be the biggest ‘Show and Shine’ event on the West Coast, and Covid-19 cancelled it this year. I wanted to do something special for Loren, to reward his hard work. I was going to do the senior pictures at the event. I reached out to our wonderful car community here in Reno. They have overwhelmingly offered to let Loren pose with many, many different cars for his senior pictures. HE IS OVER THE MOON!! I signed up with Photofund on a suggestion from our wonderful photographer. The funds that are donated go DIRECTLY to the photographer FOR this, we do not receive anything in the form of money.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Loren’s story.

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