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Registry FAQs

The Shutter Fund is an online Photography Gift Registry site that helps photography clients cover the costs of services and products from their photographer. Through The Shutter Fund, clients set up their own Photo Registry and share that link with family & friends. Contributions come in, and you get to use that money for your favorite photographer!

  1. Create a Registry
    Submit your request to a participating photographer or continue without one.
  2. Share your Registry!
    Your registry will begin and end on the date of your choosing.
  3. Collect your Gift Certificate or Check & Thank your Contributors
  4. Go get your photos! (or photography products)

The most common types of photography funded are engagements & weddings, maternity & newborns, family portraits, high school seniors, and personal branding. But you are also welcome to fund other types of portrait photography!

Absolutely! You can use the funds in your photo registry to cover anything your photographer offers! So if you’ve already paid for the services, but you’d like to buy some wall art or an album, we’re here for you! 

Absolutely!! If the person you’d like to create a registry for has already secured their photographer, and that photographer participates with The Shutter Fund, you can link your registry to that photographer. But if that isn’t the case, you can always start a registry without linking it to a photographer. 

If your registry is linked to a participating Photographer by the time it’s finished, you pay NOTHING! Not even credit card fees! So if you raise $1,000 with your Photo Registry, you’ll have $1,000 to spend with your photographer.

If your chosen photographer isn’t connected, invite them to join!

  1. We ONLY do photography.

Our expertise is in all-things photography, and we’ll make your Registry experience as seamless and convenient as possible! Want to create Registry Announcement cards to send in the mail? Thank You cards to all your contributors? Want referrals to great printing labs? We’ve got you covered!

  1. We partner with Professional Photographers.

The Shutter Fund supports Professional Photographers who run legal photography businesses, (which is less common than you may think!). We are here to support BOTH the clients and the Photographers, so it’s a WIN-WIN.

  1. It is truly FREE for you!

You get to keep ALL the money you raise! No Credit Card processing fees or anything. If your photographer doesn’t participate, invite them to join! 

The Shutter Fund is here to help you collect money to be used on your favorite photographer, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll raise the full amount. So if your goal was $1,000 and you raised $750, then that’s $750 to spend on your photographer! If there is a remaining balance for your photographer’s services or products, that’s something they’ll handle with you directly.  

Your registry can run for as long as you’d like, it just needs to end at least 2 weeks before your scheduled photos, (unless otherwise agreed upon by your photographer). You can also schedule your registry to start any time in the future! So if you’re getting married in 10 months, you can secure your photographer through The Shutter Fund, (Wedding photographers book up fast!), start the Registry in 6 months, and have it end 2 weeks before your wedding!

This 2-week “rule” applies if you are using your photo registry to cover the photography service itself. It’s a standard in the Photography industry to be paid before the photo session takes place. As such, we want to make sure we’re respecting this standard. **If your photographer doesn’t require this timeline, they can approve your Registry request, even if it doesn’t meet the 2-week minimum.**

If your registry is approved, you have 48 hours after it goes live to cancel your registry with no penalty. Contributors will be refunded, minus the service fee ($1.75 per transaction).

If cancelled after that, contributors will be refunded, minus the service fee ($1.75) and a 10% cancellation fee.

**Please keep in mind that starting a registry with a Shutter Fund photographer is completely separate from the contract you sign with your photographer. In the event of cancellation, you are also responsible for abiding by the rules of the photographer’s contract, and The Shutter Fund is not a party to that.

We highly recommend that you sign a contract with your photographer before you begin a Registry or get photos taken.

If the issues deal with the photographer’s conduct as it relates to your Photo Registry, then please contact us.

If the issues deal with anything outside of the The Shutter Fund and your registry, that should be covered in the contract you sign with your photographer. The Shutter Fund is not responsible for photographer conduct outside of the website/registry process.

With a Photo Gift Registry, get the photographer you love at the budget you have. 


Are you a photographer wanting to offer this service to your clients?

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